Castings and Foundries

Experts in Castings and Foundries.

SGS understands the challenges involved in machining castings. Cast materials, including iron, steel, copper-based alloys, aluminum based alloys, exotic alloys, titanium alloys and more, can be problematic without the right cutting tools.

SGS Tool Company has developed unique tooling solutions when it comes to approaching high-strength and heat-resisting materials:

Z-Carb: With its patented unequal helix geometry, the Z-Carb can absolutely increase your productivity and reduce costs because it was designed to handle the complexities of high-speed machining. Z-Carb-HTA for High Temperature Alloys combines the patented anti-chatter design of the original Z-Carb end mill with specific geometry enhancements for exceptional performance in high temperature alloys.

V-Carb: For semi-finish and finish milling applications, you need the V-Carb 5-Flute Finishing Mill. This incredible finishing mill features corner radii for improved strength, Ti-NAMITE-A (AlTiN) Coating for longer tool life, reduced harmonics for improved finishes and heavier stock removal. Put V-Carb to the test at higher production rates and even heavy milling tasks, including roughing and slotting.