Power Generation

Experts in Power Generation Solutions.

SGS understands what it takes to machine the super alloys used in turbine and compressor components for the wind, steam, oil and gas power industries. To ensure accurate, economical production in these often difficult-to-machine materials, SGS offers specially engineered solutions, including:

Z-Carb Patented End Mills: How does a 100% increase in radial width of cut sound? Then testing that proves Z-Carb can improve productivity up to 30 times that of conventional 4-flute end mills should be enough for you to try Z-Carb in your operation.

Turbo-Carb End Mills: When you're machining complex, contour shapes in tough and hardened mold & die steels, Turbo-Carb is the solution. Designed for high speed rough and finish milling of mold and die steels up to 60 Rc, Turbo-Carb is available with extended reach and reduced neck diameters and is Ti-NAMITE-A (AlTiN) coated for maximum heat and wear resistance.

Hi-PerCarb Drills:  If you're making holes, you should also be increasing your performace.  You'll get greater stability, accuracy and ridgity with Hi-PerCarb double margin construction and performance up to 12 times that of conventional carbide drills. The high performance flute design and engineered edge protection increases strength for aggressive drilling and allows for increased feed rates.  Manufactured exclusively with Ti-NAMITE-A (AlTin) Tool Coating for greater heat resistance and increased tool life.